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Auto Performance Oil

Auto Performance Oil

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Mineral-based automotive engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection and peak performance for race and hot rod engines. The extensively developed formulation utilizes a 2X Zinc system to ensure wear protection at any temperature. High quality base oils combine with an advanced, proprietary additive system to provide world-class durability through effective ring seal, optimum engine cleanliness and resistance to separation caused by fuel dilution.



For all high performance engines, including flat tappet. Does not require additional additives or boosters. Compatible with all race fuels. No special procedures are required when switching to Maxima Racing Oils.



• Superior protection at any temperature.

• High quality base stocks enable effective ring seal.

• 2X Zinc System provides maximum protection for flat tappet cams and roller cams.

• Advanced, proprietary additive system keeps your engine clean.

• Designed to prevent separation caused by fuel dilution.

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