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Motion Raceworks

Motion Raceworks 48" Throttle Cable w/ GM/Ford Pedal Attachment 18-141

Motion Raceworks 48" Throttle Cable w/ GM/Ford Pedal Attachment 18-141

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Motion Raceworks 48" LS Throttle Cable w/ GM/Ford Pedal Attachment 18-141

For the modern day enthusiast with a late model cable throttle body style engine, throttle cables can be somewhat frustrating. Previous designs with single clamp adjustment at the throttle cable makes it a one time use and can be very tough/impossible to adjust.  

Motion Raceworks wiped the slate clean and created a whole new cable with thinking centered around the user, adjustment, fully secure cable, and aesthetics. 

We started with a throttle pedal end that fits most GM and Ford pedals, this piece makes it easy to feed even a semi frayed cable through, it simply threads on either side of the pedal. Featuring not one but two set screws, the redundant fastening makes it nearly impossible for the cable to pull through if adjusted correctly.  

Outer sheath ends are adjustable in length from either direction featuring a self threading sheath.


  • High Flex outer sheath which allows for smooth cable movement internally
  • Double set screws make cable slipping a thing of the past.
  • Works on most late model and older GM and Ford Pedals
  • Frayed Cables can still be reused thanks to large bore taper design
  • Outer sheath can be adjusted or trimmed on either end
  • Die cast fixed throttle body barrel end makes service and installation easy
  • Works easily in place of where most competitor cables are used now
  • Black Anodized
  • Made in the USA

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