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Motion Raceworks

ICON 102/105mm Cable Drive Throttle Body (Bare Finish) w/ Interchangeable Connection

ICON 102/105mm Cable Drive Throttle Body (Bare Finish) w/ Interchangeable Connection

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Front Attachment

Motion Raceworks ICON 102mm / 105mm Interchangeable Throttle Body - Bare Billet Finish 10-140

Motion Raceworks ICON 102mm Throttle Body: The Last Throttle Body You'll Ever Buy! 

Note: This will work on any 102 or 105mm intake even though it is a 102mm throttle body!

Please Note: This throttle body is a bare machined surface, and not polished. Throttle body may have machining marks and a non polished presentation. 

*Patent Pending*

Derived from years of design, desire for something better, and innovation in the automotive aftermarket.  The Motion Raceworks ICON series throttle body checks all the boxes in improving throttle bodies and solving issues with today's build needs.

Purchase with necessary attachment from the start, or add later. Choose connection type in drop down option when adding to cart.


  • 100% Dreamed, Designed, Engineered, CNC Machined, and Assembled in the USA 
  • Low Profile IAC reduces weight and overall height profile for hood clearance
  • Design creates shortest throttle body on the market with modular attachments
  • Overall length with attachments reduced by over 30% 
  • Interchangeable Connection (ICON) design allows for easy change of frontal attachment
  • Unique 90° front attachment is lowest profile 90° combination, period
  • Unique Billet 'Y' attachment reduces length by up to XX%
  • Utilizes Motion Raceworks Patent Pending ICON technology to easily adapt necessary attachments.
  • 1/8" NPT connection for fresh air/pcv style connections needed


  • Utilizes industry standard GM LS style IAC
  • Utilizes LS style TPS sensor
  • 4 Bolt LS2 style throttle body bolt pattern for maximum compatibility
  • Throttle Attachment uses standard style cam for use with GM/Lokar LS style connections.
  • Compatible with Ford / SBF 4 bolt pattern intakes using this adapter: Click Here

Learn about what makes the ICON 102mm Throttle Body so unique!


  • Ultra Grip 4" OD Barb Attachment (Direct Replacement for other LS2 aftermarket throttle bodies): Click Here
  • 4" V-band w/ Quick Release Clamp / Weld Flange: Click Here
  • 3" Quick Seal w/ 3 piece Clamp & Weld Flange
  • 3.5" Quick Seal w/ 3 piece Clamp and Weld Flange
  • 4" Quick Seal w/ 3 piece Clamp & Weld Flange: Click Here
  • Dual 3" Y w/ V-band Attachment:  Includes mating V-bands / quick release clamps: Click Here
  • 90° Aluminum 4" w/ V-band:  Includes mating V-band flange and quick release clamp: Click Here

Need a replacement O-ring for your 102mm Interchangeable Connection: Click Here

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Need a throttle cable bracket for your icon throttle body? Check out our universal throttle cable bracket: Click Here

Find instructions here: Click Here

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