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Sam's Car Care

Sam's Car Wash w/ Wash Mit SS-3

Sam's Car Wash w/ Wash Mit SS-3

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Sam's Car Wash w/ Wash Mit 16 fl oz SS-3

  • Will not remove wax or sealants
  • Gentle pH balanced formula
  • Minimizes Water Spotting
  • Ultimate Foaming Action
  • Made in the USA

Sam's Car Wash Shampoo pH balanced formula, with its unique foaming quality and quick rinse characteristics safely lifts dirt and road grime. Added stabilizers allow product to work even in hard water. Follow up by using Sam's Acrylic Spray Wax for added shine and protection.

Directions: Dispense 1 oz of shampoo into a clean bucket. Activate foam with a heavy jet of water directly into bucket. Rinse to remove any loose dirt. Starting at the top of the vehicle and working down, apply with a soft sponge or wash mitt. Work in a small area at a time rinsing frequently to avoid drying. Dry vehicle with a clean towel or chamois.

Warning: Protect from extreme heat and freezing.

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